Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas wrapping

Xmas Wrapping

So this year's theme was red. It wasn't quite so labour intensive as previous years as I bought the labels instead of making them and it was pretty simple overall.

Xmas Wrapping

I did make name labels for some of them though.

Xmas Wrapping

I was going to freehand machine sew everyone's names onto Kunan Felt and cut them into circles but it took me so long to get one right that I knew I would run out of both felt and time.

Xmas Wrapping

I think the birds were the best bit, plus the felt string which I didn't have very much of.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Shell Pattern


A while a go I saw this great cowl pattern on Persia Lou's blog made using shell stitch. There seem, to be a few variations so I thought I would try my hand at a few. Here is another one. I decided to use the Bessie May ball of wool I was given from the crochet course. Sam gave it to me as she thought it was hard to crochet with as the wool splits. This is true, the wool does unwind a bit, but it's lovely and soft and as long as you aren't doing it really tight like you often do when you are learning, it works a treat. My problem now is that I only have one ball! Time to buy some more on Etsy


The pattern is much easier than it looks. It is a basically just trebles and singles. The treble is just stretched. I thought it would take ages to get the hang of and I would just be making a practice square, but actually it just seems to be working.


And it's quick. That's just two short evenings work. I tried to order some of the same wool today so we'll see what happens. Then I am going to try and make some self-cover material buttons for it.

It's the wedding this weekend so it looks like I will have to say goodbye to the blue crochet hook. It's from the set I made. Sigh. I reckon I'll wrap it all up and if there is no chance to give it to her on the day then I just get to keep it!