Thursday, June 16, 2011




At last, I have finished Rebecca Danger's pattern



Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Circular Needles


Well it turned out that mum had a secret stash of circular needles which she has never used! She says she bought them just at the end of her knitting days, before her arthritis got so bad, and here they are! All pristine in their original packing.


I think the plastic might have withered on these ones as it's very thin and brittle where it has been curled up so long, but they do have built in counters! Suddenly I seem to have loads!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Knitting update


There is definitely something funny going on. Either I knit back to front or Americans are just plain weird. It took me ages to realise there is a 'continental' style of knitting. 'Why is the yarn in the their other hand? Why are they knitting it a different way? What am I doing wrong?' Now I see that for most stitches there is more than one way of doing it! As if I didn't have enough problems in life! I have started to think that actually the continental way of holding the yarn might be a better method. I wonder how hard it is to relearn how to knit?

Anyway that aside, here are my legs. I am now on the circulars. I have know learnt the mystery of the Magic Loop. I am all systems go for my train journey. I am just amazingly s l o w

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Learning curve


So I felt pretty good about myself after I learnt to cable. 'I can knit!' I crowed as I patted myself on the back and wrapped myself in my homemade blanket. Then I start Rebecca's pattern and suddenly I feel like I need to enroll in knitting school. So I have my circular needle, I have my lesson with Rachel booked. I have my Double pointed needles, I have my book open on how to use them, I have 300 YouTube videos to show me. It's tough going. I spent all last night knitting and unraveling, knitting and unraveling. I think I am finally ready to give it try. It's looking a bit lumpy though.

YouTube is great and so are the videos on