Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Kitty Lytell Quilt Along

20130102-P1240016.jpg So Rachel has mentioned that we should try to do Maggie Wise's Kitty Lytell pattern next. Luckily my mum gave me the pattern and the fabric for my birthday which occurred after we moved so it wasn't packed in a box. I found a few other bits I had bought and a few scraps which I think might go well. So if you want to join us, then by all means do.

20120309-P1190389.jpg I really like the delicate quilting she did. I want to make mine just the same. I think we will be very slow and neither of us has a lot of spare time these days. It's a nice small project which is good and it's yet again, more sawtooth stars which is great.

20120309-P1190394.jpg I just need to work out the measurements for the less wasteful method for making flying geese. I am terrible at maths. Here is the formula to remind myself.


Swoon Leftovers

20130101-P1230997.jpg I felt a bit bad claiming I had finished my Swoon Offcut quilt when in fact it has just sat there nearly finished for months. So I managed to finish sewing the binding in the evening and it's done. I really like the brushed cotton backing. It's really soft. Another one for Penelope! She has more quilts than anyone I know! 20130101-P1230992.jpg I am really pleased with the quilting. I like how close it is and how even the stitches are. I was going to do the borders but I couldn't decide how so I left it. I wanted it to be soft and floppy and sometimes I feel that quilting stiffens things up too much. 20130101-P1230994.jpg I was really pleased that this quilt uses nothing bu scraps. Even the batting is pieced with scraps I fused together with the tape I bought from a quilt show. It's great stuff. I ran out of fabric on the binding though which was really annoying. That's when I caved in and started looking for a fat quarter on the web. I only needed 30" of binding. But I couldn't find any and I realised I would have failed at not using leftovers if I caved in and spent money so I used some other green spots I had. I thought it would stick out like a sore thumb but it's actually very subtle. And I quite like the fact that it will remind me that I used what I had.