Thursday, June 06, 2019

Bear Paw Quilt

Mum made all her quilting friends some bear paw blocks for a gift a few months ago. It's my all time favourite block along with the similar maple leaf block. She gave me one! How special am I? I thought it was a really nice idea. I love my block. It's so her. It's just in her colours. I decided to make mine into a quilt, trying my best to use mum's sort of fabrics and colours. It seemed like a good excuse to make one of my favourite blocks.

I am not sure about the very dark purple one in the middle. I am going to call this my mum quilt. I am trying to stick to her kinds of greens and dark purples. It's hard because I automatically veer towards my sorts of fabrics which tend to be louder and lighter. Mum mixes patterns with batiks which I tend not to do. But I am trying.

I have used some of my precious Liberty fat quarters and a William Morris print I have had for years. I am really liking the result. It really makes me want to go to Birmingham this year.

This is my favourite block. I love this Liberty print.

This green fabric was bought by mum for one of the first quilts I ever made.

I love the little green square from mum's scrap bin in the middle.

I have made eight blocks so far, plus mum's block and I have nine. I have all the pieces cut out and ready for two more blocks. So then I'll have two more left to do. I plan to do plain skip blocks inbetween.

One day I'd love to make this bear paw quilt
Or this one. I love all the sizes. I could make this block all day. It's easy, but it looks great.
And here is a free pattern of the block