Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Making up something


I have been fiddling with the idea of making a small sampler quilt of some of the blocks I keep seeing around the place. I've never really designed a quilt before. I am not sure if it will look nice or not or how big to make it. Here is my rough pattern I drew up.

It's either:

1.0" squares making it 27" x 18"
1.5" squares making it 40.5" x 27"

I'd like to do it with these kinds of bright colours and a neutral grey background like this or with my low volume backgrounds.

There are 13 different blocks. From top left to right

1. Goose Tracks
2. Bear's Paw
3. Father's Choice
4. Memory
5. Hour Glass II
6. Contrary Wife
7. Ribbon Star
8. Sawtooth
9. Hearth and Home
10. Bear's Paw
11. Four Patch
12. Weathervane
13. Wagon Tracks

I might add a Carpenter's wheel or scale up some of the blocks. I am still playing

They are all to be found in Judy Hopkins' book: 501 Rotary-cut Quilt Blocks. It lists every block in lots of different finished sizes. I wouldn't be able to work it out otherwise.

There are so many to choose from, many are very similar to each other, making it hard to choose. Here is an example.


I have toyed with the idea of making the Moda Modern Building Block pattern as I like the idea of all the different sized blocks and the swatch like pattern layout. The only thing that puts me off is that it's a big quilt and I am sworn off them. I still like it though.

Here are some other people's which I like

After having a think and a play I decided that maybe it needed a bit of sashing. Otherwise it might just look too busy. I also changed some of the blocks.


Then I added some. Maybe it's all too much now.