Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sawtooth working

sawtooth colours.jpg So today I sat down and tried to work out how my blocks were going to go together. I decided to make 9 nine-blocks then put those together to make the central part of the quilt. Here is my basic working out. I was just trying to work out how many blocks of each pattern I had and how they would go together without two of the same ending up side by side. I think I've cracked it. Here's what it looks like if the colours are replaced by the actual patterns.

sawtooth layout.jpg I took these pictures in a rush the night before we moved when I was packing them away so they're dark and blurry but I thought it might help me get an idea of how it will end up looking. I hope it comes out nice in the end. I can't really tell at the moment.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Setting Up

My Space So last weekend we moved in and it was chaos. During the week there has just been no time. Any time we had was spent cleaning as the place was so dirty. Finally this weekend we have started rooting through boxes. I really want to make sure I had everything sewing related stored together and clearly marked so I could set up a little sewing area and lo and behold it finally came together. It's great having a drawer. Now I can keep scissors and machine feet in there. I am not sure if there is enough room at the back to feed a whole quilt through but this is all temporary really until we are properly unpacked and have worked out what's really going in every room. Eventually I would love a sewing room with shelves for all my stash, but we'll see. That's a long way off.

My Space

Can you see the blocks on the floor? The table has always been too low so I got the local wood shop to cut down an old offcut of kitchen work surface which has been knocking around for years. It worked perfectly. Now I can look to my right and look into the garden on a sunny day. Perfect. As of next Monday I have a big chunk of time off so I wanted to be all set up so I can get back to some projects which need finishing off. Hopefully I can saw the blocks of the sawtooth quilt together and maybe get back to the postage stamp quilt. ACE. Then I just need to work out backing and wadding for them both.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Swoon Finished!

Swoon finished The day before we moved I finally finished sewing on the binding for the Swoon. I still need to wash it to make it all scrunchy and nice but now we are in the new house I am suspicious of the old washing line marking it, so I might buy a new one in honour. Swoon finished More when it's washed!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Lazy Sunday

20120701-P1210529.jpg Today I plan to sit on the sofa watching mindless telly whilst I trim all these out. Jeez. I am hoping they aren't short on size. I have tried to sew them a little less than 1/4" inch and I cut them just over the line to make them slightly more generous. I am sick of having flying geese which are just short of the size they need to be. I am pretty sure it's that kind of thing that makes my stars wonky. If this fails then I might learn the oversize method but it seems to only make 1 goose at once whereas this method makes 4 in no time. Here's hoping!

 I probably shouldn't have made them all in advance like this but hey ho. These are my all time favourite fabrics. it's killing me to think I might botch this up!