Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewing case


Today I decided to make a sewing case just like my mums. It's an old fashioned thing really but I really like it so here I am rummaging through the scrap bag, trying to dig out my favourite materials I have kept all the ickle bits of. It seems like a good holiday project. I thought I might make two at the same time. The pattern is from an old magazine that my mum bought me when I first started out.


I had forgotten how rubbish I am at flying geese though. I just keep trimming them, then I trim them again. I swear they are now an inch smaller than the pattern. I am not sure about using templates either. They seem less accurate than cutting them straight from the measurements.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Amazing gift #1 - A woolwinder!

Wool winder

I mean I really don't deserve one as I am hardly what you would call a hardcore knitter, but it seems that the posher the wool, the more often it is twisted in a skein which I have to hand wind. It was really starting to get on my nerves. So I was kindly given a woolwinder which I am inordinately excited about. I plan to try and up my knitting skills next year. They do make more attractive wooden ones but you need more space for them and to be honest I don't think I will have it out all the time as I don't knit THAT much. It will be great for crochet though as I often spend lots of time winding small balls of wool to take on the move with me. When I went on the crochet course I could see they wound their balls with a machine as they had this lovely pattern to them. Now mine do too!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas wrap

Xmas wrap

Xmas wrap
This year, my xmas wrap was based on gold and yellow. Not as flamboyant as some years.

Pin cushion


I'm quite up for the idea of some cross after seeing some lovely examples at knit and stitch

I thought these were lovely.

I asked for this book for Christmas. It's full of fancy alphabets.


Xmas Presents

So this year it was let's make a cushion year! So me and Rachel spent a snowy day in the workshop making cushions out of scraps.

I did a bit of prep work.

The set up in the workshop.

My bunting has found a great new home!

The front with mum's friend's scraps of furnishing material.

The other side, using my £1 pillowcase from the second-hand shop. I didn't make the flap quite deep enough.

A detail.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I bought

There was nothing I really needed at Chilford, so I just ended up buying bits for half-formed ideas. I've realised that often the bast matching materials are the ones from the same series so it's good to get a few when you see them.

Chilford material
I liked these birds and the dots went well with them.

Chilford material
These were super cheap. I have no idea what they would be for.

Chilford material
You can never have enough stripes.

Chilford material
I love Liberties material. It's a bit expensive and patterned for my liking, but I couldn't resist these. Maybe I'll build up a collection over time and do something with them.

Chilford material
These go together perfectly. I have no idea what you'd use them for though.

Chilford material
I have a half-formed idea with these. Maybe sooon, maybe... There seem to be so many other projects to do.

That's it! A ood thing to. I just have NO MORE SPACE. I need to stop buying and start making!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Single Girl Quilt

Another day, another project finished. Here is the quilt for the baby Mabel. A year late but finished. I really loved the pattern when I saw it. It's called "single girl" and it's by Denise Schmidt.

It took quite a long time because I had to make all the templates out of Myla so I didn't hack the pattern to pieces. I tried to make it as random as possible so each ring looked different.

In the end I did most things wrong. I cut the white material too small and had to unpick it. In future I would cut it much bigger so I could trim it down afterwards.

I finally got to grips with how useful two rulers can be when your quilt is really big. I am not too good at folding them in four and trimming. It just scares me, so this lining up of rulers felt safer.

The biggest problem was the machine quilting. I found it really hard to keep turning the quilt as it was quite bulky and involved a lot of folding it then re folding it. All the twisting and turning and stopping and starting meant that the needle kept jumping when I stopped and started and it took me a long long time to work out how to minimise it. So it's a bit rough round the edges, but I learnt loads and those are my favourite kinds of quilts to do.

It looked great in the end.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Chilford Quilt Show

Another year, another quilt show. This year I thought I would pay close mind to how people appliqué and observe how shoddy I am in comparison. I really loved these folk art mini quilts. I think, although they are not really my style, there are parts of them that I really appreciate. Just the sheer time involved for one. I really got up close to people's stitching and marveled at how accurate they could be in something so small.

As for what I bought. Jeez, that's another post

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cloud Nine

So for my birthday I asked my mum to buy me some Cloud 9 flannels. They were pretty costly as they seem to be only available in the States and I had to pay import tax on them, but I saw this pattern on Cloud 9 and I just really wanted to make it.

I really like the pattern as it's modern and retro all at the same time and the flannel is so soft. After spending years on my last quilt, it just felt so nice to do something easy and straightforwards.

It only took a few hours to cut the strips, sew them together. By the end of the day I had the backing on and was sewing it together. I didn't quite follow the pattern at this point as it's for a baby and I had used some offcuts of wadding so I thought it needed some slightly more substantial quilting.

I did pin the quilt as opposed to doing my usual tacking. I do find however that pins ping out and scratch me, so used quilter's safety pins on the edges.

I ended up doing simple straight lines inbetween the owls in big, white, perle stitches.

And here is the finished thing. It's bigger than I expected, but I really enjoyed doing it as it took a week in total.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


So I finally had the push to finish off the knitting I started last winter. I was much quicker and before I knew it I was on the borders... only to run out of wool. It's so annoying as I saw it everywhere at Knit and Stitch but now I can't get it for love nor money. So it's back in the bag it goes until Loop have more wool. Another project so nearly finished!

I changed the pattern a bit as I didn't really want a stole, I wanted a blanket, so I just knitted the main panel twice and knitted them together.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Quilt 04

So I finally finished off the last quilting bits and pulled out the tacking. Of course it instantly fell to pieces in places so I did what any normal adult would do in this situation. I took it home to my mum and whined until she offered to fix it. Ace.

I learnt a lot doing this quilt, mostly about applique. The whole thing is full of mistakes; I left the bloody freezer paper in a few of the leaves and they are already coming loose, but I love it for what it represents and I love all the fabric which I bought with my mum at the first ever patchwork shop she took me to when I had no idea what I was doing (not that I have much more idea now).

Next a bit of a catch up on some long neglected knitting whilst I contemplate what comes next. I have two quilts to finish, one quilt to make and a lot of other projects to start. I'd really like to start something new but now I am on the finishing things off bus, I feel I should continue... Maybe it's back to the garish Material Obsessions quilt which I feel could well turn out to be... well... gross and is going to be a nightmare as it's cut at 60° which I now realise means all the material stretches and nothing goes together as it should. Oh woe is me. Whatever possessed me? And the thing is huge. I am half tempted not to put the borders on as they will just make it even bigger and more garish.

Quilt 02

Quilt 01

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knitting and Stitching

So it was Sunday and the sun came out. I had decided to spend the day indoors finishing off my quilt, but it was s nearly done and the sun was out and... well suddenly I was on the bus and at Ally Pally for my first encounter with The Knitting and Stitching Show.

It was ace. It was huge! I've never seen so much wool and so much lovely soft wool at that. It wasn't cheap mind, but it was lovely.

Since I am not the greatest knitter and have not yet managed to finish my white blanket which Rachel made in about 2 days, I didn't really have much purpose. I just wondered around touching everything feeling done in by how much there was. It reminded me of how overwhelmed I felt at my first patchwork show. It was just too much.

So I didn't really buy very much. That was okay though as I am saving myself for Chilford, and really it was a reconnaissance mission so I am prepared for next year.

They had one hall dedicated to exhibitions and some of the stuff was amazing

There were lots of people crammed around the cheap discounted wool bundles in a huge pile on the floor.

There was a lady knitting with giant needles you could buy. Wool's not cheap though and it scared me seeing how much wool she was using, but it's a lovely idea and the needles were well cool!