Tuesday, December 08, 2015

FW23 & FW24 Charlotte and Coral

So this week I have dropped a block. Coral. It just wasn't that great for me. It just looks odd. Plus I am always making sawtooth stars; I really love them, but it's nice to have a break from them. I spent a long time finding versions I quite liked. I love the colour combination here and here, but I couldn't find a combination of my fabrics which I felt really worked so I have dropped it for the time being.

Maybe I will return to it. But come on, it does look pretty odd having that square in the middle. I just don't see what it achieves.

Block 23: Charlotte
I really like the end result of this block. I basically followed Kerry's idea of using two matching fabric ranges and using a neutral in the boat shapes. I think it works really well. There aren't a lot of other versions on Instagram, but I am happy with mine. I really like the text fabric. I used my best bits I had saved from my fat quarter. It's all gone now so I have ordered some more. I should start using some other low volume backgrounds though to mix it up a bit.

It fits in with the other blocks. I might try and use some of my more neglected fabrics for the next few blocks. The other bluey fabric I have is starting to feel a bit too vibrant but I think I need to stick with it. I also need to get some of my bird fabric in and some more cats!