Monday, November 28, 2011

Crochet Cowl


So I finished off my sample from the crochet course. It's a great pattern.


I think my chunky wool makes it look a bit of a mess so I might try again with some new wool. I am quite happy with mt first effort. I am giving it away as a christmas present because I am SO nice.


I reaaally want to keep it.

Crochet roll


This weekend I made another pencil roll, but this time instead of knitting needles, I made one for crochet hooks. I had bought some cheap linen from IKEA and some cheap florescent fabric from Berwick street.


I'd forgotten how enjoyable the pattern is. It's from Pink Chalk and it's really easy. I made mine a little shorter so the hooks fit nicely and I sewed my pocket in the wrong way so you can't see my nice fabric, but hey ho.


I tried to use some of the walking feet attachments but I kept moving them by accident. I don't think I am using them right.


It's suposed to be a wedding present but I reeeeallly want to keep it. It's not much of a joint present so it's probably best I keep it.

Pin Cushion

I saw this pincusion organiser on Noodlehead. The PDF instructions by Oh, Fransson were brilliant.

I made it on a sleepy Saturday for Rachel for Christmas using the flowery material we had each bought a piece of at Chilford and promised to turn into a Christmas gift for each other.


I really enjoyed making it. It was quite a long process and it used up quite a lot of material in the process but the finished result is very professional.


I made my top into stripes like Noddlehead. I really enjoyed trying to pick out delicate colours and matching solids. I've never really had any neutral solids before so I bought a few fat quarters from Strawberry Fayre and laid them out together.

The flannel in the middle is a brushed cotton cream pillow case from tescos which was £2! I'm just getting in to cream. I realise I don't have any cream material at all!

I really want to keep it!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crochet Injection


This Sunday I did a Make do and mend crochet course, the same people I learnt with. After learning the basic stitches in one class, and granny squares in another, I was having problems reading patterns so I did the general afternoon course in Limehouse. It was great to get reinspired and the venue was amazing.


We all sat round the table and chose a project we felt we needed guidance on. Some people were beginners doing Granny Squares whilst some people came with specific goals in mind.


Sam practiced doing a ripple cushion cover, whilst I tried to learn the art of reading patterns with this delicate edging. I wanted them to look like this


And there was homemade cake inbetween!


I learnt some great new stitches. I just need to try and remember them now! After my poor attempt at a delicate trim, I moved onto big wool.


But check out what was going on next door to me!


Sunday, November 06, 2011

Chilford Quilt Show


So Chilford was great, very Christmassy with the lights. The giant scone was great. The team was incomplete as Claire was absent, but we all know the Spring show is better anyway!


For once I didn't buy a huge amount but that's probably because I went to Birmingham and Ally Pally this year already. I have a backlog of projects and all I need for them so there were a few impulse buys but not a lot else. I did get some wadding though which is always handy.


I did get this great tape for joining wadding together. I usually zigzag stitch it but it's a bit of a pain and this stuff just irons on so I thought I would give it a go.


It was a great opportunity for mum to get me my Christmas present and seeing as I am having a Liberty fabric phase, I got her to buy me this pattern. It's very exciting. Now I just have to get everything else done before Christmas!


As for the quilt exhibition, they had a great project where people made the same blocks but joined them together differently to make completely different quilt.


I am really into little squares at the moment. I am already thinking about a triple irish chain project... so many things to do.

There was a great felt stall there. The felt book had loads of intricate stitch samples in it. It was amazing.


Here are a few other nice details from the exhibition.




I love this quilt. It's a bit blurry because I wasn't allowed to photograph it but I don't get it; why not? It's a pattern in the magazine! I guess there must be people who just work patterns out from seeing them, but to my mind, if you can just buy them and cut out all the maths, then why wouldn't you? The thing I love about patterns is that they are so cheap! I don't know, I'm a real kit person, I see something I like and I just want the whole thing all ready for me. When I bought my Petra Prins quilt kit, the lady said "why don't you just photograph it and work it out yourself?" I loved her honesty and willingness to help. I ended up buying the kit of course. Anyway rant over. The quilt is in Fabrications issue 72 I think? I need to double check. Yet another project sigh...