Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Smitten block two progress

So here is my progress with block two of Smitten. It's slow work but the blocks are coming together nicely. I am pleased with my random flowers so far.

The flowery outsides are a bit full on but I really love this fabric. I think at the end when I lay out all the blocks I might choose to redo a few of them so we'll see if it makes the final edit. I love the stripy point though.

You can see on the left edge where I am getting some misalignment. I am not sure why. Maybe that's just life.

I am really pleased with this block. I love the yellow spots. I think it has good contrast.

My alignment is not as bad with this one so maybe I am getting better, who knows.

Here's the back. You can see my tiny stitches. That Superior Thread Bottom Line is so thin and strong, it's like fairy hair or something. There's no going back from it now, I even used it to bind a border the other day, it's just so invisible! I think my stitches would not look so neat without it. I recommend it 100%

Are the blocks all starting to go together? not really. I am playing the long game though. We'll see as I go along.