Sunday, September 15, 2019

Economy block

20190907-1480179 So the weeks are running out before I have to pack the house up and we have to live out of suitcases for 4 months whilst our house is being renovated. That's a while different worry! If you are interested in that then I have a instagram account for the moneypit (@baystonmoneypit). In the meantime, I am trying to pack all my sewing stuff away. This involves picking up each thing in my sewing area and desperately trying to finish off whyever I got it out before it's locked away in storage for 6 months.

I found I have loads of scraps. I keep finding new repositories of them and joining them together to form one huge scrap bag. It's really made me realise I need some more scrap busting projects. Some scraps are so precious that I never use them which is just stupid. So before they get locked away I decided to do a little side project.

I didn't really have any idea what I was making. I started out by making one of mum's blocks in scraps. Of course I ballsed up the pattern slightly and came out with a slightly different block, but I am pretty happy. It's not very accurate but I feel with scraps you can afford to be lax with measuring and ironing and just go with the flow.

20190907-1480182So I thought maybe I would make it into a big project bag. I love a project bag. So I made a big block.

20190907-1480177Then I made another scrappy block. I used some Strawberry Fayre swatches I found in a drawer and some thangle cutoffs I must have made ages a go. I like the little log cabin block. Then I realised it was going to make a huge bag which looked a bit silly.

20190907-1480193 So I made some economy blocks which I have always wanted to make.

20190912-1480200 And before I really thought it through, I had made a sewing machine mat! I have wanted to make my own for such a long time. My mum gave me one, but it's nice to change these things round.


Ta-da! The economy blocks work perfectly as pockets. Each one is lined in different scraps. I am so happy with it. It even has a little thin pocket at the edge for the crochet hook I use to drag threads through the feet and poke fabric with. I can honestly say that I love every scrap of fabric in it. And now I get to stare at it every time I am sewing.

So in two weeks I will say goodbye to this dark, little corner. I am not sure where the new sewing nook is going to be, but I am secretly hoping the small back room can become the sewing room. It's much lighter and spacious. I wouldn't know what to do with all that space. We'll see. That feels a long way off. I feel sad to put the machine away. I have two weeks left to frantically sew stuff!