Sunday, March 19, 2006

Japanese Craft

Right so this is what you do.

1.Click hereand scroll through different japanese craft magazines and see what people have made from them. Amazon will only show you covers, this allows you to see inside some.

2. Click hereto see in the Google translator. It's not perfect but it will allow you to find the right section. If you start from the home, these are the links you need to follow. My link should take you right there though.

3. Link path from the home page:
Japanese Books
Living * health * parenting
Handicraft * craft

4.Click here to go to a site all about how to use I found having the english equivalent up at the same time helped.

Give it a go. I have the above books which anyone is more than welcome to borrow and photocopy, so I suggest getting new ones so we get a pool.

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