Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chicken Part Deux

So today I start the second round of chickens. I did take pictures of protochicken but the boy erased them before I had downloaded them, then I gave him away (protochicken, not the boy). This new set uses fabcircs bought from the link in the title. Reprodepot sells vintage reproduction and retro themed fabrics, but it's in the States so every parcel gets a whoping charge added to it. I have to pay £8 last time in customs and handling. Not sure how to get round this. Maybe just make sure you order laods to make it worth your while. The materials I got were great. Then I just matched the colours with some swatches of plain colours I got from Strawberry fayre. You just fill in a form, stick on your samples and they post you the colours. the swatch has every colour you could thnk of so it's easy.

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