Thursday, July 27, 2006

Emo the Sock Gibbon

Behold sock gibbon beta mark I. I call him Emo, because he's a litte bit of a Goth. He likes nothing better than hanging out at the Underworld in Camden and shopping in Cyberdog. I've tried to get him to wear nice, light summery clothes, but it's black eyeliner and The Cure all the way. These young Gibbons… what can you do?

Lessons learned. Always cut your holes smaller than you need them to be, then stratch the opening with a cork. I made mine the same size and they were far too big.

Try harder (more pins) to make the stripes line up. I am sure I can do better than that.

The best thing I did this time was not cut the sock before I sowed. This meant no curling up of material and made it much easier.

Next cometh the red and white stripey gibbon for Ruby's first birthday. I'd better get my skates on, she was 1 last week.


warriorgrrl said...

I want to make one!!! How do I go about such a thing?

Where do you get your patterns from?

Anonymous said...

I can supply any pattern you like, just tell me what you want to make!