Sunday, October 08, 2006


So not wanting to leave any monkey unlauded; here is Boris the Gibbon. A thick, lumpy, bendy kind of monkey with a penchant for eating flies and watching Columbo.

Things I learnt:
You should make sure the arm seams are at the back, especially if you line up th stripes as badly as I did. See how pinning the stripes front and back can make a difference now?


Anonymous said...


I like his brass knob.


Anonymous said...

Roley wants one for Christmas

Monkey that is, not brass knob.

Anonymous said...

That's a done deal. But I thought boys wanted tanks and Spidermen cars. I don't want to be a daggy present giver

Anonymous said...

Jay, I love these. How can I get one for my new baby?

Annie in NZ

fairyv said...

Are we allowed to place an order for a Gibbon, please???

He is so cool!


All of your dolls are darling and imaginative. Very inspiring.