Thursday, October 05, 2006

Red little Monkey

Introducing Slagathor. He looks like a slagathor doesn't he? It's a bit of a monkeyfest at the moment to make up for the lull over the summer when it was too hot to stay indoors. I now concluded The Great Lentil Experiment. Emo the purple goth was full of them. He sat beautifully, his arms long and stretchy, but I worried for him. I worried his sock flesh would eventually stretch and he would have empty baggy bits where no stuffing and no lentils lived. So I made another emo; a fatter, thicker beast. As soon as he has eyes I will show you the difference. He has no lentils weighing him down and you shall see how this affects him. So I decided to put some, not to many, lentils in this stripey monkey for Ruby. Ruby, being full of drool, requested a monkey with tags. Apparently babies love thick tags. So I gave this cheeky chap one on his head and one of his back making his bum a bit more sticky outy in the process. He sits well, but in the end I think a few more lentils are needed. One day I shall create the exact mix and the age old lentil to stuffing ratio will be solved. He also has medium long legs. Not as extreme as the gibbons but not as stocky as Thug.

Things I learned with slagathor
1. More lentils demmit
2. You can make a very thin tale and not need to stuff it, just put a few lentils in it.
3. You can sculpt a bum if you wish it, although it gives them a baboonesque look which is slightly unsettling.


warriorgrrl said...
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warriorgrrl said...

I didn't realise you used lentils in with the stuffing - is that for weight?

What size socks do you use?

I am just about to embark on Rock Monkey # 1, wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've done one without. I'll post a picture so you can see. It's much harder for them to sit happily unless they are weighted. I usually put a small amount in the arms and legs before I stuff them and some in the tail.

I use cheap socks! Anything I can find on sale, in Peacocks or 3 for a tenner on the market. The thinner they are, the more the stuffing shows through if you over stuff them though.

I can't wait to see it!

warriorgrrl said...


Meet Socky

Something went wrong because his forehead is HUGE, I couldn't work out from those instructions how to avoid that. What did I do wrong? He isn't a monkey, he's definitely a sock monster.

For my previous question, I actually meant do you use knee length or ankle socks?

Anonymous said...

I use knee high for Gibbons. I made the red monkey out of a knee-high pair, I just didn't use all the sock. Any size of sock will do really. The only thing it really affects is the length of the arms and legs. I've been thinking about getting a really large men's sports sock and making a giant monkey, but I haven't stumbled across the socks yet. To be honest, whenever I go into a pound shop or Camden market I keep an eye out for cheap socks and make whatever monkey comes out of them. The purple and red monkey all came from knee-high socks from Covent garden market. 3 Pairs for a tenner. Bargain.