Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rock Sock Monster

The only item I bought in the January sales was this pair of black stripey glitter socks for £2 in Oasis. Behold, here is Queequeg. He likes soft rock, tattoos and studded belts. His badge reads: "I'm Lazy" which is probably quite true. Queequeg spends a large portion of his time time sleeping. When he is not asleep, he is awake until he is asleep again. He eats until he is not hungry, then waits until he is hungry again. When not being lazy, Queequeg spends the little time he has left thinking about Boethius and ACDC. This probably accounts for constant snoozing. I am considering making him a sweatband with a streak of lightening on it. Decisions decisions… I best be quick though as this monster is winging its way to the big U S of A on monday. He's going on tour.


warriorgrrl said...

Yay for rock sock monsters!! Meet Rocky!

Katsuaki said...

Hi, my name is Katsuaki.
I'm from Japan.
Nice to meet you.
I looked at your blog, and I was interested in your Brog.
What's this monster?
this monster is very cute.

I can speak English only a little. If you are confused, I'm sorry.

best regards,

my blog is the following.

Anonymous said...

Hello Katsuaki
Your english is far better than my Japanese. This monster is made out of a pair of socks. He is very easy to make. Maybe you should try it?

photoked said...

The Eagle has landed.