Monday, January 01, 2007

To the Dogs

I had a problem with moths a while a go. Luckily I'm far too cheap to go natural fibre, but poor Simon's jumpers took the fall instead - 100% cashmere ones. Even the all time favourite cardigan was shot down in its prime. His love for it was so great that he couldn't bear to throw it away so I found it hidden at the back of the cupboard the other day and decided to immortalise it by making it into a dog. I couldn't decide how big to do it to I made two. They a beautifully soft. but I didn't quite manage to avoid all the moth holes hence the stripey patch on the paw. I don't mind much. I reckon a dogs life is a down and dirty experience so I quite like their rugged edge.


ray said...

oh I love them! Do you remember that drawing of a cat by the Japanese children's book illustrator you like? that's what they remind me of!

Anonymous said...

Yes! That's exactly what are they like! I might go home and look them up and make round two.