Sunday, March 04, 2007


On a dark friday night in Sawf Lundan, Samara taught me the beginnings of crochet and the bear was born. I made him a scarf as his neck was so thin his head kept lolling. Behold! It is protobear, my first attempt.

Protobear likes smoking French cigarettes in dark bars on week nights whilst listening to Russian techno. He's a cosmopolitan kind of bear see. He's been writing an epic poem about bear tragedy for many years now but is too much of a critic to ever complete it. His paws are always cold and so he always wears his scarf.

Today I went out and bought hooks and wool to make him a friend. Bear two cometh.


anti said...

He is very impressive for your first bear. Are you going to make more?

Anonymous said...

Yes hundred. They will all mate with each other and take over the world