Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day Two

The baby ball progresses slowly. My mother is making one at the same time. She has a pile of muted, space dyed felt. I have a pile of neon, rainbow coloured felt. I am interested to see the results. I know I will like hers more and have to make another. It's always the way when other people make things.

In other news: The Christmas fair has been cancelled so the stall is dead. I find this very sad. It seemed the collective of illustrators who organise it decided it was a lot of effort and thought they'd concentrate on moving studio instead. I think the fair as a whole still goes on, but it means that we can't latch onto the discount they get for being impoverished illustrators. This probably means that only the bigger name people will show which I think will change the nature of the fair as a whole. The thing I loved about it was the fact everything was so cheap, yet homemade. It was just very creative and exciting. Plus the fact that you know most of the stall holders means that you can spend all day drinking the mulled wine and laughing at each others produce. It just wouldn't be the same without them. Such is life. Stall production is officially at a standstill.

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f. pea said...

i heart the neon felties.