Monday, November 26, 2007


On a recent train journey, myself and a colleague knitted the same bear. They are technically twins as they were created in the same day. Look how different they turned out! I think it's the stuffing techniques myself. Can you guess which is mine? The clue is that I think my bear looks rather froglike. With that in mind I shall name him Monsieur LeFrog. He is a swash-buckler and if he had a moustache, he would tweak the ends into find points. I think my knitting has come on leaps and bounds and the smaller needles really helped this time. He's half the size of his older brother. I might try and create the same bear in crochet now.

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f. pea said...

dang, you are becoming a knitting fiend! i love those huggy-bears. is yours the brown one? he looks a bit froggish to me. i want to squeeze them!