Thursday, March 20, 2008

7 Random Things

So Annie asked me to do the 7 Random Things test. I think Annie's first one is my favourite. I just got a very vivid scene of her on the sofa with a baking tray of oven chips. I am now looking forward to Rachel's response.

1. I always have cold feet. Any opportunity I get to not wear socks and shoes I take. This often means I wash my feet at odd times of the day, but I hate grimey feet. When I was really young I spent a summer trying to walk up our back lane over the stones hoping that my feet would get tougher the more I practiced, then I'd never have to wear shoes again. My feet never made it.

2. I always have to tidy up before I start making something as I make so much mess. Sometimes though, I spend so long tidying up I never get round to starting the project. I secretly love tidying. I could tidy all day long every day. This does not make me a tidy person you understand. I am a messy person who just likes ordering their own stuff and warring with myself over my inability to throw anything away.

3. I wish I could touch type. For a long time now I have been thinking that if I could type quicker and more accurately I would have more time to improve what I say and notice when I spell things wrong. I have been toying with the idea of taking a week off work and enrolling in an intensive course, but then I always talk myself out of it by thinking I could spend that time and money on the beach.

4. I found a wholesale place selling giant rick-rack the other week and I am kicking myself that I didn't buy any. I decided not to buy things if I don't have a specific project in mind. I am starting to regret such a rash decision.

5. I am a great starter but a shit finisher. I pile bags of half finished things into any space I can find. If you were to open my cupboards you'd probably find a family of tramps living in there. This all stems from the problem that I can't throw things away. I always think things might come in useful, even if I haven't touched them in 10 years. I endlessly sift through my stuff throwing one or two things away a year, then I secretly mourn their loss. I wish I could throw away huge amounts in one go. I think it would lift the burden of knowing I have so much useless crap around.

6. I love storage boxes and Tuperware. I have a problem. If you let me loose I'd buy them all the time. I bought 6 last week. They are full already. One day I will have a cellar full to the brim of all my rubbish in neat see through storage boxes that I'll probably never look in.

7. I wish my friends lived nearer to me. I wish we all lived on the same street and could spend evenings knitting and drinking wine together. I don't know how it is that we manage to be so far apart, but I sometimes dream we all live above MacDonalds.

Here is a picture of my latest purchases from the Quilt show I went to with Rachel and the project I bought them for. It's time to relearn applique. I did some applique on a my first proper quilt I made for Rowan, but I never took a photo of it. One day...


f. pea said...

#7... Girl, I feel you on that one. I wish all my friends lived in one big house next door and we'd all knit and drink wine every night just like y'all. Maybe we'd blog about it and so would you and then we'd all be internet friends. Um... I guess we sort of do that already.

#6... you remind me of all my closest friends. Though I love to throw things away. I would be delighted to throw away your things, because throwing away other people's things is even more fun than throwing away my own.

ray said...

You know those comments are all about your stuff issues, and not looking at the issues behind the stuff.

Pippa said...

The story about toughening your feet made me chuckle!

#2 - you could have been describing me! I LOVE sorting and organising yet my house is NEVER tidy. And I, too, make so much mess when working on something. Although...I don't always clear it away before starting a new project :-S

#5 - me again! So many projects started and then 'put to one side until I'm in the mood'. It's only since blogging that I've actually begun finishing most of my projects. Also, I have boxes and boxes os useless crap. But you KNOW that once you've chucked it, you'll think of a use for it! I finally found a use for my old data CDs by turning them into a scrapbook. It's so satisfying when you do finally find a use for 'that thing' you've been storing for ages. Although, I think I really should throw away my old broken wellies!

#6 - I know what you mean. I love to lose myself in the storage in Ikea. Well, I mean lose myself in the storage section. Although I'm sure I could get lost in the storage itself with all those sneaky compartments.

WOW! I've written loads. I could've made a blog post out of that. In fact...I might.