Friday, August 01, 2008

It's So Hot

So I thought I'd catch up. It's been so hot lately that I have been listless. Sometimes I find the only way to shake myself out of it is to go and buy something else that I don't need. Here is my second attempt at knitting the scarf, the right way this time. I took it to work thinking I would sit in the sun at lunchtime and do it, but there were so many people in the park that I felt like a bit of a knob. In the end it has sat in my drawer all week, but I AM doing it right at least.

As Pippa so rightly pointed out, it wasn't that the last one was wrong so to speak, it just wasn't following the pattern. I hadn't done alternate rows so it came out ribbed and it just keeps curling inwards. This new effort is the right stitch and on smaller needles which is better, but it still doesn't have the same quality as the original pattern, probably because the knit is tighter now.

I just need to get back to it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think mines quite right either. I've unpicked it and restarted it several times. Also, I've casted on more stitches than the pattern says because I want it wider. Oh, and I didn't have the right sized needles so I just used the biggest ones I could find! Who needs a pattern anyway?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think she must have a very small neck. I had to make mine wider aswell. I think bigger needles are better. I keep having to unpick mine and then dropping stitches in the process as I am so bad at unpicking, but it's all a learning process.