Friday, January 02, 2009

Baby Quilt

I finally finished my latest baby quilt inspired by the Amy Butler material I bought at the Birmingham quilt show.

First I drew out a pattern. I wanted it to seem quite random with no strong pattern running through it like the last one so I based it on a simple 16 block design.

I taped all the layers down to the work surface and tacked it all together.

I didn't buy a pattern for the quilting so I cobbled this one together on the computer based on one I saw in The Quilt Room catalogue. The stencils are really great, they save loads of time but I was working against the clock this time. It all worked out really well in the end though.

And there is the finished item I completed over Christmas.

Here's the backing.

And the final boxed item ready to go to baby Nell. Done. Maybe it's time for a few monkeys now.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh yes, i like that!

ray said...

Very pretty! Have you made one for yourself yet?

Pippa said...

That's wonderful! Never before have I actually desired a quilt until now - beautiful! Great choice of fabrics. More monkeys next?? Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely pressie, Claire and I think you are very clever. Nell uses it everyday and it will be cherished.