Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cabling Progress

I must be getting better, or it must just be the rewards of big wool, but I feel like I am storming along. I had two scary moments where I had lost the cable and had to take the whole lot off the needle and pull it out until I got back to where I thought I'd gone wrong. Going back is what I really need to perfect. I found that putting the stitches back onto thinner needles made it easier to knit the first row back and work out which were twisted stitches. The whole thing feels a lot smaller than it looks in the picture though. Part of me wants to make a matching strip for it to make it twice as wide! I am not sure if I could hack that though, we'll see. I have a four hour train journey this weekend so I am expecting a lot of progress!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice!