Monday, March 15, 2010


So my hook collection is pretty poor. I feel it is high time to upgrade to a set of coloured ones like the green one I got from the course which I LOVE. I am going to buy a set from 'Purple Linda' just as soon as the fraud department at the bank sort out who spent £255.50 on nuts at 01.38 using my bank details! Until then I have no card, no bank account. Oh the frustration of not being able to expand my hook empire!

Of course when I do get them, I will have to make a pencil roll for them!

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Pippa said...

Almost £300 on NUTS?! Eating nuts or 'nuts and bolts' nuts? As though it matters! Fraud is bad enough but they usually go for electrical goods - not nuts! Crazy! I have some really gorgeous crochet hooks. In fact, you really must see them. I'm going to go and photograph them now and I'll blog about them. And oh, how I adore that pencil roll. One day, I will make one. One day...