Friday, September 03, 2010

My Amazing Mum

Mum's Quilt

So in the time it takes me to sew two bits of material together...wrongly, my mum whips up this little number and gives it to me. This was all hand applique and hand quilted. It must have consumed many hours. My mum is my quilting guru.

Mum's Quilt

This is an adaptation of a classic Robert Callahan quilt pattern. My mum spilt tea all over the pattern book and we had a real job finding another on the internet for her. She was so pleased in the end though when a neat and tidy version came along. Berries seem to be the bane of her life though. No material is ever the right hue and then she is not happy with how she makes them. I was too amazed by the whole thing to even look at the berries!

For any appliquers out there, here is the technique she uses for small circles. That's what I bought those precut circles for. I am going to try and design my own simple applique pattern soon... gulp.


Claire Vincent said...

wow Jay, your mum really is the guru! This is lovely, I like the way the quilting goes through each square, might have to try that sometime. You are so lucky to get one like this.

ray said...

Gosh that is so beautiful! Is that what the quest for berry red material was all about? I love your mum, she's such an inspiration x

Anonymous said...

Yes! Not for that quilt but that's the one that sparked it off. She is always on the lookout for new berry material. You should have been there the week she lost her bag of premade berries...