Sunday, October 24, 2010


Quilt 04

So I finally finished off the last quilting bits and pulled out the tacking. Of course it instantly fell to pieces in places so I did what any normal adult would do in this situation. I took it home to my mum and whined until she offered to fix it. Ace.

I learnt a lot doing this quilt, mostly about applique. The whole thing is full of mistakes; I left the bloody freezer paper in a few of the leaves and they are already coming loose, but I love it for what it represents and I love all the fabric which I bought with my mum at the first ever patchwork shop she took me to when I had no idea what I was doing (not that I have much more idea now).

Next a bit of a catch up on some long neglected knitting whilst I contemplate what comes next. I have two quilts to finish, one quilt to make and a lot of other projects to start. I'd really like to start something new but now I am on the finishing things off bus, I feel I should continue... Maybe it's back to the garish Material Obsessions quilt which I feel could well turn out to be... well... gross and is going to be a nightmare as it's cut at 60° which I now realise means all the material stretches and nothing goes together as it should. Oh woe is me. Whatever possessed me? And the thing is huge. I am half tempted not to put the borders on as they will just make it even bigger and more garish.

Quilt 02

Quilt 01


Mrs Picklebalm said...

I think it is a fantastic quilt and I love it, I have also left loads of freezer paper in on my cupcake quilts I had recently as I forgot to take it out, but I have let it in as I just could not bear the thought of sewing them all again , it makes a crackling noise , but so what I say
Its great to get those jobs finished I've been doing that lately

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Well done on finishing!

Claire Vincent said...

Well done Jay on getting it finished, it looks great.

Now you can have a clear conscience when you get tempted at Chiltern!

K said...

It's gorgeous... I have only ever quilted a cushion cover so I'm in awe of anyone who can do proper big quilts.

I'm here because I made a friend for the first sock monkey I made from your tutorial and wanted to say how much we love them (my husband thinks they're ace too). Photo here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!

K, I love the monkeys! I am so glad the pattern is useful. I think you should make hundreds of stripy ones!