Sunday, March 27, 2011

60 Degrees

Quilt 08

This weekend I decided to give in to the endless demand for the second speaker quilt. Rather than do the same thing as before, I decided to do something different using the same sort of fabric. I decided to practice 60° triangles with the newish 60 degree ruler. It's much easier than the template I was using before. I thought Id's experiment with bigger seams in an effort to improve my precision as they always seem off.

Quilt 07

Fighting the stretchy nature of the bias is really frustrating. It didn't make it any easier really, just more bulky, but at least I know now. I just used a lot of spray starch and tried not to pull the material too much as it warps the shape. I also drew a line on the plate of the sewing machine to help with lining the material up when you sew it. That definitely helped when it came to the ends which have a tendency to move weirdly. I have a little wooden cuticle pusher which I used to hold the material in place up until the very last minute it is sewn which made life more precise but it still isn't perfect.

Quilt 04

I couldn't work out the maths enough to make it a perfect fit so I evened it up with the leftovers from the last quilt. I'm pleased about this as there was just enough and I had no idea what I was going to do with it otherwise as it was so pindling.

Quilt 03

It's all ready and waiting to just be quilted now. A job for next weekend methinks.

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