Friday, June 03, 2011

Knitting update


There is definitely something funny going on. Either I knit back to front or Americans are just plain weird. It took me ages to realise there is a 'continental' style of knitting. 'Why is the yarn in the their other hand? Why are they knitting it a different way? What am I doing wrong?' Now I see that for most stitches there is more than one way of doing it! As if I didn't have enough problems in life! I have started to think that actually the continental way of holding the yarn might be a better method. I wonder how hard it is to relearn how to knit?

Anyway that aside, here are my legs. I am now on the circulars. I have know learnt the mystery of the Magic Loop. I am all systems go for my train journey. I am just amazingly s l o w

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