Monday, April 09, 2012

Swoon Pattern Direction

So I decided to try and break the back of my remaining swoon blocks by cutting all the fabric for my remaining blocks.

I wanted to chain piece all the half square triangles but up until now I have had to lay out each block in all its separate pieces and do it one at a time so I can work out the pattern direction. I just thought it would look tidier. So I created this diagram to help me get the pattern direction of the central star right. The paler pattern blocks represent the wrong side of the fabric laid over it's white counterpart.

20120408-P1190605.jpg 20120408-P1190606.jpg
Here is an example.

Then I set up shop in front of the telly and trimmed a massive pile of half square triangles. It's taken up most of my time, but I did manage to get one entire block done. The others should come together pretty easily now.

Swoon block 6

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