Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilting Swoon

So I have been away on holiday for a week. I took the Swoon beast with me hoping I would get loads done in the evenings, but the reality was that I was knackered each night from the daily excursions. I got one block quilted basically.

I was basing my quilting on some really nice examples I had seen on the swooning on a hop flickr group.

hand quilting in progress
20120511-P1200677.jpg Now I am onto my second block and I have decided to use different coloured quilting thread for each block. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not especially as I don't own that much quilting thread and it's all different thicknesses and types but I thought it might be a good lesson in helping me decide which kind I prefer. It's not often I do something do dark and contrasting but I thought I would give it a go and see how it works out. I think I have already decided that the linen thread I bought it probably not right for this as its thickness varies and the thread goes hairy after a while.

20120511-P1200678.jpg My quilting stitches are also really uneven which doesn't help and I have found a stupid massive crease on the back of one side which is not going to look that great, but it all serves to make it look homemade I spose. I secretly wonder if I would lose interest if I mastered how to do all these things anyway, but it is annoying. I mean how did I get such a huge crease!?

20120511-P1200683.jpg Anyway here is my growing stash of quilting thread. Everytime I go to a show where Stef Francis is I get a little bit at a time but I have just been buying random thicknesses really. I really like using the 6ply fine cotton though so I might start buying a range of colours. I never thought I would venture away from the standard plain YLI thread (which I also don't have enough of) but the variegated really doesn't show that much and the quality is so nice to work with. So the aim is to build up stashes of both YLI and Stef francis thread. See my pitiful YLI collection below (I think I have a pink as well).

20120511-P1200685.jpg Eventually it should look as lovely as this

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