Saturday, June 09, 2012

Sawtooth test

20120609-P1210013.jpg So today I tried to work out all my measurements properly. I decided to use the four flying geese method (instructions here), but I kept getting my numbers mixed up, fractions really confuse me. In the end it was third time lucky.

20120609-P1210019.jpg I love this fabric. It was a shame I wasted so much of it getting it wrong. The geese didn't come out 100% perfect. I always wish I could work out how to make them a bit bigger so I can trim them down accurately. My block is slightly off but I guess it makes it more homemade and the 4 at once technique saves all the wastage I was getting.

20120609-P1210016.jpg First block done. I am not sure the size it right, maybe it should have been a bigger block after all. Oh well, I've started now. I'm going to start cutting all my fabric tomorrow starting with the white blocks so I can make sure I have enough of my lovely soft sheet left, such a bargain for a fiver.

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