Friday, September 14, 2012

The Arrival of Penelope

Day 7 well day 6 Well English Paper Piecing has drawn to a sudden halt. I packed up everything in my hospital pouch thinking I would busily sewing away during the first stage of labour where contractions are miles apart but that stage didn't seem to work out for me and within 5 hours from start to finish, out came Penny. Penny's favourite thing is to be held so all sewing is OFF. Just eating and drinking is a major breakthrough! I have had some lovely homemade presents though.

Day 9 - My Birthday Some lovely mini bunting. I love the colours. They're from a jelly roll Rachel and I bought years a go at Birmingham which we have always wanted to use. Mine is more purple and is still in its wrapper!

Birthday cloud I have been in love with these clouds for a long time. My Pinterest boards are littered with them

Tiny shoes These shoes are amazing! Penny has not ventured out of sleepsuit yet to be honest. They are just so soft and so easy to put on. She is 10 days old today and everyday she is a little bit bigger and more rebust. I hope all these lovely newborn outfits fit her when I finally get her out of sleepsuits.

Day 1 and Presents! My mum made me my very own babyball. I am so pleased. It is her thing she does for all babies and I have waited a long time for my very own one.

Penny on The Small Quilts I have also had so many lovely quilts from my mum and from Rachel. I mean loads! I am so pleased. They are all beautiful. When life quietens down a bit I plan to take photos of each one. I planned to take photos of everyones presents next to Penny, but life is moving so fast and my babybrain is definitely not keeping up!


Anna said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful. x

Jaypeg said...

Thank you Anna. It's a huge lifechange so crafting will have to fit in the gaps when they surface.

Kim said...

Congratulations on your lovely little Virgo, and a beautiful name too. Well done!