Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Swoon Leftovers

20130101-P1230997.jpg I felt a bit bad claiming I had finished my Swoon Offcut quilt when in fact it has just sat there nearly finished for months. So I managed to finish sewing the binding in the evening and it's done. I really like the brushed cotton backing. It's really soft. Another one for Penelope! She has more quilts than anyone I know! 20130101-P1230992.jpg I am really pleased with the quilting. I like how close it is and how even the stitches are. I was going to do the borders but I couldn't decide how so I left it. I wanted it to be soft and floppy and sometimes I feel that quilting stiffens things up too much. 20130101-P1230994.jpg I was really pleased that this quilt uses nothing bu scraps. Even the batting is pieced with scraps I fused together with the tape I bought from a quilt show. It's great stuff. I ran out of fabric on the binding though which was really annoying. That's when I caved in and started looking for a fat quarter on the web. I only needed 30" of binding. But I couldn't find any and I realised I would have failed at not using leftovers if I caved in and spent money so I used some other green spots I had. I thought it would stick out like a sore thumb but it's actually very subtle. And I quite like the fact that it will remind me that I used what I had.

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