Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hexagon bag

So Rachel and I decided to make the same bag from a book she had: Suzuko Koseki's Natural Patchwork. We were inspired by this lovely version we found on Pinterest by Leila from Where Orchids Grow and decided to make one using the original hexagons but use the round handles.

I wasn't really sure about my combination of fabrics. I have a real problem working out what goes together which is why I often just follow something I have seen. I can't really see if something doesn't work until it is finished which is rather late in the game. I wanted the range of colours to be different enough but also to go together. I am not sure that they do. Sigh.

My picture of the pattern was a bit blurry so I think I got the measurements wrong for my hexagons. They aren't tall enough for the template I drew. So I've trimmed the pattern and my bag will end up being a bit small... and potentially useless. I thought of adding more squares but I decided to just plough onwards and see what happens. I can always make another, bigger one next time... with squares like Leila's.

Construction continues...

Hopefully we will have matching bags in time for the Royal Festival of Quilts so we can fill them with fabric.

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