Friday, December 05, 2014

Advent calendar complete


Here it is! Not the best picture, but it's been so gloomy recently, its hard to get enough light. I think it looks very Christmassy and jolly, a success! I bought some simple cream cotton twill for the backing, and some cheap poly cotton for the back. I bonded scraps of mum's wadding as I thought wadding would help stiffen it. I hope I never have to wash it.


I really enjoyed making each number. It was nice to have little mini sofa projects. I did have to invest in a few sequins but all the beads came from my childhood collection. They must be 30 years old! And all the felt was either bits I had myself or from a big bumper stash my sister gave me years a go.


I used prick and pounce to transfer the shapes of my letters and numbers onto felt. You push holes into your template with a thick pin then dab ground chalk through the holes. I made a dabber out of some rolled up wadding, it works like a treat. You are left with a perfect outline of dots on your felt which you then cut out. They were all perfect until I sewed them on. Now they are pretty wonky, but I kind of like that. Or do I? I might have to unpick the worst ones if they get on my nerves. Maybe my pinning was a bit weak.

These are a few of my favourite numbers:






It was a bit of a tight fit fitting in all the presents but it all worked out. I'm not sure I will have the energy to fill it every year, but lets face it, once she discovers chocolate, it's probably all over. It's mainly full of stickers which are the BEST.


See my earlier post for the pattern I followed and Jess' original


Anonymous said...

Totally beautiful!

Kim said...

Fantastic! Age 7, my Penelope has insisted on a Moshi Monsters advent this year, so make the most of small gifts while you can!