Monday, March 23, 2015

Fractal Block 2

I enjoyed my first fractal block so much that I decided to make a second in the bigger size and try not to cut so many corners this time. So I sat down and tried to work out which fabrics I thought worked last time and which didn't. I spent a bit of time making a mock up just to see if it would help me choose the right fabrics. I know it's quite pedantic, but I am trying to improve upon my weaknesses so I am keen to experiment with anything that aids my fabric choosing.

I have ordered some new fabric to fill in my gaps. I took out all the greys, the orange spots, the lime green and the bright yellow. I then delved into my stash and realised I needed two things; some dark fabric and some more yellow in the right hue. So I ordered some of the new Biology range by Cloud9, another bright pink fabric and some of the new Yoyogi Park also by Cloud9 in yellow. I can't wait to see it all! It's definitely a splurge but at least I am planning to use it straight away. It's only fat quarters. If it works out then I might make three more blocks and make it into a quilt! We'll see.

I also had a think about my backgrounds, making sure the busier ones weren't next to each other. I really like the second one on the left that I got for Duxford for £2.50 Result! I hardly have any of the butterflies left which is slightly worrying though.

I also numbered each segment of the pattern and remembered to cut all my pieces as mirror images so that they end up being the right way round if that makes sense.

I also cut all my templates with a 1/4" border. I ironed all my fabric before I cut the pieces. I also ironed the fabric after sewing each piece... and hey presto! Suddenly everything lines up! So much neater. One unit down, only 7 more to go before we see if it all helps.

Here are all my sections. I think I prefer these colours this time. If you look at the previous one you can se only one section remains the same.


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