Friday, September 25, 2015

Rising Sun Quilt

So a while a go I made this small quilt, then I machine quilted it, then I realised how many loose ends I had to tie off and I abandoned it.

Arrrghhhh, they are everywhere! Now I realise why people don't quilt like that. I mean for Pete's sake...

Well, Penelope loves her sofa blankets and is already almost too big for it now so I thought I'd better just get on with it whilst I am waiting to start the Farmer's Wife quilt a long. So I started binding it thinking I can then finish tying up the ends afterwards. I am on the last side now. One more episode of The Bake Off should finish it off.

The only thing is that I think I preferred the first two blocks I made to the others and that I like it less now it's all together. I think maybe there is just too much of the sunprint text fabric perhaps. I can't quite decide. I do like the small blocks I put in the border which I copied from Amanda's MapleO quilt. But it is very jolly and cuddly. I do love Quilter's dream puff wadding. It's like hugging a cloud.

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