Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Presents

This year I decided to ask mainly for crafting things and some kitchen stuff so I could do more baking with Penelope. There wasn't much else I wanted apart from he usual pyjamas and slippers.

Mumple is great at quilting supplies! She had come into some money so she was feeling all flush this year which I did very well out of! She got me a Postcards from Sweden kit from Plush Addict, which I asked for. A high ticket item indeed but it was all I really wanted from anyone. It is a bit rainbow which I know I said I was trying to avoid, but it is also solids which is my theme this year. I just think it looks like a very jolly quilt. I kept going back to it and thinking how nice it was. The pack is basically a huge pile of solid fat quarters, result! The great thing is that they are all named so I can record the offcuts as colour cards. I love the ease of a whole kit yet rarely have funds to buy them, so I'm really going to enjoy this.

I also got some neon yellow Wonder Clips which is always great. I do love neon plastic. I feel like I want to make my own green sewing bag to keep them in.

I also got a Bloc Loc ruler! This was quite pricey as I had to get it from The States. I am not sure about them. Do they really make life easier? Are they just a gimmick? It's hard to tell, but I have a lot of half square triangles to make and if this works like it says it does then it could make the whole process a breeze and become a must have item. We shall see. I will test it out before Birmingham. If it works out then I might be on the hunt for a set offer at Birmingham if there is a UK stockist by then.

I also got some Christmas money which doesn't happen to me very often. I often end up hoarding it when I get it or frittering it away on general shopping if I leave it in my bag. So I decided to spend it straight away on Amazon! Quick! click, click, click. Gosh it's so easy once you get going.

I decided to make the plunge and sign up for Amy's quilt a long, so I bought the book and the 12 1/2" square ruler it suggests you use. Do I need the ruler? Not really, I have a 14" one which mum gave me as she never uses it. I ummed and ahhed, but I did find having an exact 6 1/2" ruler during the Farmer's Wife quilt a long a real joy because you never have to think. You just cut to that size. With that in mind, I also bought an 8 1/2" ruler. Gosh I am going ruler crazy.

Then with the last bits I bought two green fat quarters from The Fabric Fox. Not plain, but ones I think will go well with plains if that makes sense and you always have to have at least one new fabric when you start a project otherwise it's depressing. I had this block in mind when I picked them.

That's it now though, I am spent. All my pennies have gone and Christmas is over. This is my very last post of 2016. I have a stinker of a cold and nothing good happens in January apart from abstinence from cakes and alcohol. Booo.

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