Saturday, January 05, 2019

2019 here we come

So there is no last year round up this year. Last year was a sad year in all, but it's over now and I am keen to get back to some sewing tings. I feel that there is a little more time in life these days so I should make the most of it. In honour of this, I bought myself some fabric in the Boxing Day Sales from Sew Hot Fabrics. It's a new shop for me. I was really sad to see that Simply Solids stopped trading this Christmas. What with Strawberry Fayre closing last year, I feel that the retail decline is hitting the quilting industry and this makes me sad.

But the 20% off sale at Sew Hot made me happy! Check out my haul! I follow Laura Cunningham on Instagram and I always love her mix of subtle pink and apricot solids. I have been worrying that my Swoon was just too pattern heavy so I decided to mix it up a bit. Above (top to bottom) you have Kona solids in the following shades mostly influenced by Laura's great haul here:

  • Valentine
  • Punch
  • Woodrose
  • Candy Pink
  • Baby Pink
  • Pale Flesh (previously Shell)
  • Pink
  • Bellini (previously Flesh)
  • Petal
  • Bubblegum
  • Dusty Peach

The first five fabrics are part of a pink fat eight bundle

I also bought a few solids to pad out the Swoon. I really like the Panorama Sunrise Drops in Lipstick on the left and the Hand Picked Triangles in pink. The last one is Dashwood Ditsies Little Trees in Punch which I am not 100% sure about.

I try to keep a reference in my scraggy notebook of the Kona colours I buy. I have a swatch card but they are all so tiny and so many of the fabrics outdate my colour card. Cutting a bit of the salve edge and noting the shade seems to work for me. I also keep salve edges here so I can remember the fabrics.

As for Smitten progress, I have managed to crack on with Small Hexagon Two. I've tried to start using solids more but I soon realised that I didn't have that many to choose from, hence my Xmas purchase.

As a group, I think they are looking better for having some solids in there. I am excited about using the new ones. Hopefully, this year will be better for sewing. I have no real goals apart from finishing the usual backlog. I would like to make one of Laura's bags out of the teatowel Rachel bought me from H&M. More about that later. And I would like to make some economy blocks with my Smitten leftovers. I also think this year might be the year for my Liberty fabric scrap quilt but I always say that! Just doing anything would be a good goal for this year. We'll see. We are undertaking a big house renovation project this year so all my sewing crap might well go into storage for half the year!

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