Saturday, January 04, 2020

The Year Review

Crumbs. 2019 was not my year for making stuff.

I felt a bit like my sewing mojo was absent. I moved house and left the sewing machine in storage. My daughter decided to steal my evenings by staying up later and my dingy house was too dark and too cramped for much stuff.

I did hand sew all my smitten blocks but they still need stitching together.

I did make mum a quilt, but I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to her.

All in all, not a lot happened. No time, no space. No mojo.

But this year, I already feel different. This year I am planning to go to Birmingham in August. I know it’s a long way off, but this is the first year for a long time I have felt the great need to go. I miss it!

This year my resolution is to get my sewing machine serviced and set up a space in our newly renovated space when we move back in at Easter. It might not be fully finished till June, but surely there will be some small corner I can set up in. I now have Tuesdays more or less free so there is a small bit of time to dedicate to it.

But... let's just aim for small projects.

I decided to set up an instagram account just for craft things. On that I decided to post my #makenine2020 goals. None of the images are mine so here are the deets. Just search the names on Instagram for full info.

1. A Bear Scraps scrappy quilt @emsscrapbag in the colour way of @makervalley
2. A Safety Scarf by the aspirational @westknits
3. A Brimfield Star block quilt by @messyjesse1
4. A little Shashiko and natural dyeing
5. A Divided basket by @noodlehead531
6. An improve block using a pickle dish
7. A Jet Set Sewing Station by @messyjesse1
8. A Postcards from Sweden quilt by @jeliquilts
9. A Wee Braw Bag by @sweetcinnamonroses

The Bear quilt is the most ambitious. I might not make it with that one... But you know Positive Mental Attitude guys!

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