Monday, March 19, 2007

Knitting part trois

I bought my first pair of knitting needles. This is a historic event. Then I began the epic tea cosy adventure. Rachel started me off with her crazy casting on using her thumb trick, my mother kept me going. I left home, got bak on the train and two rows later it all went wrong and I now I will have to wait two weeks until I go home again and someone can fix the mess I have made. Who would have thought Tea Cosy construction could be so tricky.

In the meantime it's back to crochet.

I taught Rachel what little I know of crochet at the weekend which took all of 5 minutes and the next day she showed me this.

I can't do that! How did this happen! She is a monster I tell you!


ray said...

I'm crochet mad I tell you, expect some fluffy parcels in the post this've started something! Love those needles!

f. pea said...

With those ridiculously cute knitting needles, no harm can come to you or your projects!

warriorgrrl said...

Where did you get those needles? They're lovely!

Anonymous said...

I got them from

I want all of them. I think they're ace! Buy some buy some!