Friday, March 23, 2007

Tea Cosy Bun

There was pain, there was tears, there was swearing like a sailer. It took three people to unpick it: Rachel, Mum & Janis. Constant supervision, words of encouragement, soft words in those dark hours of knitting dispair when I thought I couldn't go on. But now at the end of this journey we are all a little stronger and wiser and can fully enjoy tea from a pot which looks like a giant bun. Because I was so shockingly bad at it, I am determined to dive right into another attempt which I will complete without aid. If ever there was a challenge, I feel this is it. May the force be with me.


anti said...

Does this mean you will be putting the kettle on a bit more often now?

f. pea said...

with a cherry on top! i want to gobble it up. but then there wouldn't be any tea to drink. so i'll go make some tea instead to toast your new-found knitting prowess!

Unknown said...

Hello! This is fantastic!! Any chance you could scan the pattern so I can create as well. I live in New Zealand and can't get the pattern anywhere!!

Thanks so much!