Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wot I Got For Christmas

Hello 2008. Here are a few things I got for Christmas to fuel this year's craftorama. Here are some spotty things I got my sister and my dad. I was really chuffed. They are all perfect.

My existing button box was so full that you could no longer sift through them. The new box was also full of antique buttons from my sister, but with plenty of room for my larger buttons which mean more space all round.

The needles are a different size in the same set as the orange ones I got a while a go. I just think they are lovely to hold and great to look at.

The pin cushion is soley for the tiny white quilting pins. I never thought I'd be the kind of person to have a variety of pins but I have fully converted. I now have a pin cushion for needles, one for yellow flower patchwork pins, normal pins and the new mini white pins. I am pinned to the max.


f. pea said...

Happy New Year! I am dying to get a peek at those antique buttons...

Anonymous said...

I'll take some pictures and post them up for you.