Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making Things Club Night

So here's the story. A while a go, my mate Nicky decided we should meet up for drinks and do craft tings. We all make stuff and so why not get together and have a drink whilst we do it? It seemed to make sense. So we met a few times in the local pub. Then we started to get themes going so everyone could make the same thing. Some people would have experience, some wouldn't have a clue, but if we all did it together then we could watch and learn and pass on expertise. It seemed to make sense and it was hilarious that everyone set out to make the same thing and yet they all turned out different. Well this was all well and good until Nicky was contacted asking if our group would participate in a live arts night organised by Art in Industry held at Shunt, where anyone could come and watch or participate in our club. So last night we all rocked up to shunt with our bulging bags and set about making sock monkeys in this dark, busy club. It was ACE! I even took my shoes off I felt so comfy. We had a great corner in the cavernous catacombs under London Bridge station. On one side was an alcove with a woman suspending herself from the ceiling, on the other were two guys doing a huge live mural, on another was Rex doing pen tattoos and on the other was a huge wagon with tables on the back and lots of neon lights. We all felt very trendy. It's on again tonight and tomorrow if you fancy it but I can only make tonight. I am going to go buy some hockey socks at lunchtime to continue my sporting theme. And big thanks to Nicky for teaching me her mouth technique. I LOVE IT!

My Monster!


f. pea said...

Your monkey kung-fu is unstoppable! Nice mouth technique.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am planning a whole host of new mouth fun!