Thursday, July 03, 2008

Knitting Preparation

Today Ray and I hung out at New Designers, showing at the Business Design Centre. Although, Ray was exhibiting, we managed to have a good nosey round all the inspirational textiles and ceramics work. No pictures I'm afraid as I sort of think that's a bit rude when it's budding students all hoping they get commissioned not ripped off or gawped at by people like me who just wants all the beautiful work to soak into their brain and infuse them with ideas so they can run off and make stuff. Which is exactly what we did.

Without further a do we tripped off to Loop; possibly the coolest wool shop in the world; to buy wool for our new project next Saturday where we plan to sit in the garden whilst her studio is open to the public, knitting scarves.

The wool is:
Misti Alpaca Chunky
Colour: 403 Charcoal &
Colour: VR3317 Aquamarine

The pattern is here, but Say Llama did a different knit which I can't work which one I prefer as both are so lovely... probably whichever Ray tells me is easier. All I know is that I would like mine to have blue ends.

Here is also a picture of the impossibly large button we both bought which I am sure will form the foundation of some future knitting experiment.


ray said...

I love my big button!I'm gonna wear it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to knit one too!

Anonymous said...

Yes! let's all knit one then compare.

Pippa said...

That's the biggest button I've ever seen! Amazing!

Looking forward to seeing what your scarves look like.