Friday, July 04, 2008

Scarf Buttons

Today I happened across an antique jewelery stall at Spitalfields market nestled amongst all the great unique fashion stalls which turn up every Friday. The owner said that every week she puts out her antique buttons and they never sell until today when apparently I was one of many purchasers. I chose all my new buttons with my scarfs in mind. You see how I have changed to the plural. Why make one scarf when you can make 5 all different! to match with any outfit!


ray said...

mmmm buttons! I went there today and saw lovely handmade bags in grey wool with big buttons, I must have one! There were many precious things and I will go back the next time I have a day off. what happens on a Friday?

f. pea said...

drool, drool, i love buttons!

ray said...

I can't wait for the knitting day, have been crocheting a blanket this week.