Monday, August 25, 2008

Bank Holiday Bits

I often feel guilty that I have so many half-finished quilts stuffed in bags. Usually I reach some point where I need something I don't have and I just put it away and forget about it for a while. So I decided to try and finish off a few loose ends before I embark on a totally new project.

I finally put some borders on the Broken Dishes quilt I made a while a go, but stopped when I ran out of material for the borders. I looked in a Patchwork book of my mum's and learned how to piece a few bits together and it worked perfectly. In fact it looks better than it would have if it had been one whole piece. Of course now I realise I have no backing material for it so off it goes back in the cupboard.

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Pippa said...

Hello there! I've put a link to your blog on my most recent blog post, along with a picture of yours and a screenshot of your banner - if you'd like me to take the pictures down, just say the word. (WOW that was a long sentence!) Did you finish the olympic sock monkey?