Friday, May 29, 2009

A Bit More

I did the purple block (eeek it's very bright!) and thought I'd lay them out without the brown inbetween bits just to see how it looked. I think it looks like the kind of quilt you'd find in a gypsy caravan.

The greeny pink block is still may favourite, probably because I have none of the material that made it left! The maths works out pretty well. You need two fat quarters for the solid triangle and 1/2 a fat qaurter for the strips depending on how big they are. I've depleated loads of my stash as this is a very big quilt. Part of me wants to rush out and replace the material I have used, but the other part of me knows it is good not to keep amassing loads and loads of material. Life is never easy.

Final red block at the weekend!


ray said...

You could start to phase in another colour now as stripes in a sort of ring around the centre piece that you have already made.
It looks awesome, keep going and make it really big! I'll keep going with my lurid green wonky log cabin one!

ray said...

Just think how good it will be to load up with new material at the festival of quilts, now that you have a gap in your stash pile!